Damen Marine Services B.V. (DMS) is the chartering company within the Damen Shipyards Group. DMS operates a fleet of Damen built vessels and is involved in the sale and purchase of used vessels. DMS offers its clients the experience of Damen vessels, both for established and proven designs as new designs with new technologies.

Chartering workboats is a Damen activity which dates back to the early sixties. In 1974 the Marine Service Division was officially formed. Chartering out vessels became a service to clients while a new vessel was being built at the shipyard. Today, providing a frontrunner is one of the many services which DMS has to offer.

DMS is involved in chartering workboats, with crew or on a bareboat basis. DMS presently operates a modern fleet of multi-functional towing- and workboats, survey vessels and high speed craft. Through the sale and purchase department, DMS offers brokerage services for used vessels and trade-in possibilities against new building Damen vessels.

DMS promotes to exchange the practical knowledge in the company with its clients and the product development departments of the Damen Shipyards Group aiming to improve overall Damen vessel performance and hence customer satisfaction. As a consequence DMS supports the sales department of the Damen Shipyards Group and its clients by introducing new vessel concepts and developing markets through (temporary) Damen vessel ownership.

The company’s office is situated in Gorinchem at the head-office of the Damen Shipyards Group in The Netherlands, close to the sales department and product development departments of the new building division.

Our History


In the seventies the charter fleet of Damen Marine Services B.V. consisted of specialized smaller workboats, such as:

  • Tugboats of the Pushy Cat and Stan Tug type
  • Small workboats of the Multicat type
  • Fast polyester crewtenders of the Poly Cats type

These vessels were mainly providing assistance to dredging operations not only in Holland but also foreign countries.

Our experience in this sector learned that the need for more advanced vessels was increasing. The vessels had to be capable of put in service several kinds of activities. As a result of this progress we have developed two complete new types of vessels: the “Damen Dredgehelper®” and the “Damen Shoalbuster®”. These vessels are specially designed to provide assistance to the dredging operations of this day, where advanced assistance material is required.

We can offer these types of vessels in which the latest modern technology has been applied in the most divers executions and dimensions. Considering the large demand to these kinds of vessels Damen Marine Services B.V. has added several successful types of vessels to their fleet.

These vessels were mainly providing assistance to dredging operations not only in Holland but also foreign countries



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