Damen Stan Pontoon 5213

Damen Marine Services offers Pontoon for charter for Deck and RoRo cargo operations in deep sea, coastal waters, harbours and inland waters.
  • Typical applications

    Deck Cargo, RoRo Cargo

  • Typical area of operation

    Deep Sea, Coastal waters, Harbours, Inland waters

  • Classification

    Lloyd’s Register + 100 AT, Pontoon, *IWS Strengthened for deck load of 10 ton/m2

  • Dimensions

    Length moulded

    52.20 m

    Beam moulded

    13.00 m

    Depth moulded

    3.00 m

    Draught max.

    2.29 m

    Deadweight max.

    1190 ton

  • Capacities

    Deck load

    10 ton/m2

    Depth thickness

    12 mm extra heavy deck

    Void spaces

    12 pcs

  • Design conditions

    Sea water temperature

    0° to +35° C

    Outside air temperature

    -5° to +45° C

  • Standard execution

    Towing brackets: One on PS and one on SB at foredeck
    Bollards: 6 pcs standard, insert plates at every section
    Draught marks: At fore, mid and aft on PS and SB every 20 cm

  • Boarding ladders: 2 on SB and 2 on PS in recesses of the hull
    Cathodic protection: Zinc anodes on underwater part of the hull
    Manholes: Flush bolted manholes
    Emergency: towing Flush mounted towing connection in a recess in the bow
    Ramp recess: RoRo ramp recess at the bow (6x1,5 m) and stern (6x1,5 m)
    Spud pole foundations: Four spud pole foundations in the hull covered with welded steel plates
    Lifting eyes: Four lifting eyes flush on main deck and covered with bolted steel plates to lift the pontoon
    Mast: Mast and light stands

  • Optional equipment

    Ramp panels: 1,5 meter width and 8 meter length
    Railing: Removable stanchions with wire guard rails
    Fendering: Used tyre fenders
    Towing bridle: Towing bridle and emergency towing bridle
    Recovery winch: At the bow for retrieval of towing bridle
    Anti-fouling: Anti-fouling paint system
    Spud poles: 1-4 pieces
    Spud winches: 2 diesel driven double drum spud winches to operate spud poles

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Damen Marine Services B.V. gives you the opportunity to charter vessels from their own fleet and new Damen standardized vessels from stock.

Generally vessels are being chartered with crew however in some cases a bare boat charter can be considered.

Chartering – Purchase options


Our position is a flexible one. Owning a ship or chartering a ship have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both options can be discussed with Damen Marine Services. In cooperation with the new building division of Damen Shipyards we can see if chartering, as a fore runner, can be used before the purchase of a ship. Temporary utilization of a ship can be discussed as well as long term contracts, all given by circumstance.

Outright purchase

Chartering under positive financial arrangements while your vessel is being built


If any of our vessels are to your liking, an outright purchase can be discussed. The availability of vessels in our present fleet goes without saying. Being part of the Damen shipyards Group the availability of new built stock vessels as well as presently operational vessels is the philosophy.


Whether it's a simple question or you need assistance with your Damen product, we believe great things can start with a small conversation.

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