Damen Shoalbuster 3815 Shallow Draft 'DMS TBC'

  • Dimensions

    Length overall

    38.2 m

    Beam moulded

    15.0 m

    Beam overall (Incl. fender)

    15.9 m

    Depth molded (at ½ L)

    2.7 m

    Draught @ 98% Condition

    1.6 m

    Deadweight @ 98% Condition

    249 t

    Min. Draught

    1.2 m

    Deck load (Fr. 0 to Fr. 9)

    15 t/m2

    Deck load work deck

    3 t/m2

  • Tank capacities

    Fuel oil

    163.3 m3

    Fresh Water

    68.6 m3

    Lube Oil

    2.9 m3

    Dirty Oil

    2.9 m3


    8.6 m3

    Bilge Water

    12.0 m3

  • Performances

    Bollard pull max

    18.6 T


    10 kts

  • Propulsion System

    Main engines

    4x Caterpillar C12-TA

    Total Power

    1148 bkW (1540 bhp) @1800 rpm


    4x Reintjes WAF244L / 3,522:1


    4x Promarin fixed pitch propeller


    4x 1000 mm in v.d. Giessen Optima

    Bow thruster

    2x 122 bhp, Electrical driven Kalkman
    Beta 122E, 90EkW, 60Hz, 440VAC,
    Ø 642mm tunnel

  • Deck Lay-out

    Anchor: 2x 470 HHP + (OPTIONAL) 4 POINT MOORING
    Chain: 2x 140m, 19mm Stud Link, U2
    Anchor: Winch 2x Kraaijeveld KAB-1-H-17,5D
    Deck Crane: 1x Heila HLRM 140-4SLK, 5.1 ton@ 18.0 m / 15,6 ton @ 7,64 m
    Anchor Handling / Towing Winch: 1x Kraaijeveld KA-15-H-TR/TR Towing pull 40,0 ton @ 6,0 m/min @ 1st layer, slack 18,0 m/min, holding force 72,0T, wire capacity 1x 650m Ø 32mm. Anchor handling pull 40,0 ton @ 6,0 m/min @ 1st layer, slack 18,0 m/min, holding force 72,0T, wire capacity 1x 300m Ø 32mm.
    Towing Pins: 1x WK 35T BP, 2 flipper, 1 chain stopper for 75T SWL
    Tugger Winch: 1x Dromec HPV-12000 12T @ 20m/min 1st lay

  • Electrical Equipment

    Main Generator Sets

    2x Caterpillar C-04.4


    2x 107 kVA, 50 Hz, 230/400VAC

    Auxiliary Generator Set

    1x Caterpillar C-9TA


    1x 250EkW, 60Hz,1800rpm, 440VAC

  • Secondary Ship Systems

    Transfer Pumps: AZCUE, CA-80/20, 50 m3/h @ 4.75 bar
    Fuel Oil Separator: Westfalia, OTC2, 1200 l/h @ 0.5 bar
    Hydraulic Set: Electrical driven with two E-motors 68EkW, 60Hz, 1800rpm, 440VAC

  • Accommodation

    Heated and air-conditioned living spaces upto 16 persons, consisting of a captain’s cabin, and four double crew cabins, and two 4-crew cabins, a galley and a mess and sanitary facilities.

  • Nav./comm. equipment

    Searchlights: 2x Pesch 2000W
    Radar: 1x Furuno, FAR-1518BB
    Magnetic compass: 1x Cassens & Plath, Reflecta 1
    Gyro compass: 1x Anschuetz, Standard 22 compact
    Autopilot: 1x Simrad, AP-70
    EPIRB: 1x Jotron, TRON-60S
    SART: 1x Jotron, Tron Sart-20
    GPS: 1x Furuno, GP-170D
    Echo sounder: 1x Furuno, FE-800
    Intercom: 1x Phontech, CIS-3101
    Watch alarm: 1x Furuno, BR-500
    VHFP: 2x Thrane & Thrane, RT6222
    Portable VHF: 2x Jotron Tron, TR-30
    SSB radio: 1x Thrane & Thrane, Sailor 6310
    INMARSAT-C: 2x Thrane & Thrane, Sailor 6110
    NAVTEX: Furuno NX-700
    AIS: 1x Furuno FA-170
    Radio/TV antenna system: 1x Naval, MK 22 CA

  • Classification

    Bureau Veritas I✠HULL • MACH, Unrestricted Navigation (Anchor Handling; Tug 16 t) • AUT UMS, Green Passport, Inwatersurway

  • Flag


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