Damen Crane Barge 6324 'DMS Crane Barge'

Floating crane for Bulk, Container and Breakbulk is available for charter
  • Dimensions

    Length moulded

    63.00 m

    Beam moulded

    23.50 m

    Depth at sides

    4.50 m

    Draught scantling

    3.50 m

    Draught design

    2.50 m

    Deadweight max.

    1.720 ton (excl. grabs)

    Working deck

    880 m2 (10 ton/m2)

  • Tank capacities

    Fuel oil

    238 m3

    Fresh water

    87 m3

    Sewage & Grey water

    80 m3

    Lub. oil

    5 m3

    Dirty oil / Sludge

    10 m3

    Bildge water

    5 m3

    Water ballast

    1.756 m3

  • Crane performance

    Make and type: Liebherr CBG 350
    Operation: Prepared for Grab, Containers or hook
    SWL sheltered water: 45 ton @ 12-36 m (excl. attachments)
    SWL open sea operation: 35 ton @ 12-36 m (excl. attachments)
    Hoisting speed (35 T): 0-60 m/min
    Hoisting speed (45 T): 0-46 m/min
    Luffing time 12-36 M: 63 sec.
    Simultaneous speed with 2 motions: Full load and speed
    Simultaneous speed with 3 motions: Slewing and Luffing at full load and speed, hoisting 60% (after acceleration)

  • Auxiliary equipment

    Main generator set: 2 x Caterpillar C18
    Back-up generator: 1 x Caterpillar C18
    Power each: 545 kVA / 436 ekW (1800 rpm), 440 V, 60 Hz
    Harbor generator set: 1 x Caterpillar C4.4
    Power: 95 kVA / 76 ekW (1800 rpm), 440 V, 60 Hz

  • Deck lay-out

    Anchor mooring system: 4 DMT Electric double drum winches
    Anchors: 3 Anchors
    Towing brackets: 3 Towing brackets
    JIB rest: Slim design, with optional positioning system
    Deck covering: 440 m2 fir wood
    Container fittings: For 28 TEU or 14 FEU locations or a combination With a stack load of 50 ton
    Fender system: 1/3 steel pipe fenders, Tyre fenders
    Life rafts: 2 inflatable life rafts for 6 persons
    Workboat: Dinghy with davit on aft deck

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation with pantry, change room, office and cabins for a maximum of 12 persons, provided with ventilation, air conditioning and heating.

  • Nav./comm. equipment

    Navigation lighting and communication system according Classification

  • Optional equipment

    Grab equipment: Optimized grabs, grab storage
    Container equipment: Semi-, or Full Automatic Container spreader
    JIB rest inclination system: Hydraulic cylinder and controls for positioning the JIB rest forward to have more clearance and 5° backward for servicing the sheaves
    Classification: Lloyd’s Register of Shipping: Assisted Propulsion
    Thrusters aft: 2 x 323 kW deck mounted thruster system
    Nav / Naut: Navigation equipment in combination with the optional thrusters
    Towing gear: Towing bridle

  • Classification

    Lloyd’s Register of Shipping: X 100 AT, Pontoon, *IWS

  • Flag

    St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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