Damen ASD Tug 2810 HYBRID 'Adventure'

Hybrid Damen ASD tugboat for charter for towing, mooring and fire-fighting operations
  • Built

    5-2014, The Netherlands

  • GRT / NRT
    294 / 88
  • Dimensions

    28.67 x 10.43 x 4.60 mtrs

  • Draft

    5.15 mtrs

  • Propulsion
    2x Rolls Royce US 205
  • Main engines

    2x MTU 16V4000M63R

  • Output

    3680 bkW (4935 bhp) at 1600 rpm

  • Propulsion gen. set

    MTU 12V2000M41B

  • Output

    800 KVA, 440V, 60Hz

  • Exhaust gas treatment

    DOC + DPF + SCR system, IMO Tier III compliant

  • Battery packs

    2x 120 kWh

  • Main electric engines

    2x ABB M3LP450LA

  • Output

    2x 230 bkW between ± 375 rpm and 1800 rpm

  • Speed

    diesel direct

    13,4 knots

    diesel electric

    8,5 knots

    battery pack

    4.0 knots (1 hour max.)

  • Bollard pull

    ahead 60,2 tons
    astern 55,3 tons

  • Displacement

    604 tons

  • Deck equipment

    Anchors: 2x 360 kg Pool (High Holding Power);
    anchor/towing winch: electrically driven two speed winch with double drum and warping head, pull 35 ton at 9.1 m/min, slack rope speed up to 28 m/min, 150 ton brake;
    capstan: 5 ton at 15 m/min. electrically driven;
    crane: HS Marine – AK20 E3 11.01 m at 1.1 ton;

  • towing aft: electrically driven, two speed winch with double drum and spooling device, pull 35 ton at 9.7 m/min, slack rope speed up to 27 m/min, brake 150 ton;
    fendering: D-fender at sides, cylinder fender at transom corners, cylinder and W-block bow fender with water spray.

  • FiFi set

    Propulsion generator diesel driven pump 1200 m3/hr

  • FiFi monitor

    2x monitors, capacity each 6003/hr water or 300 m3/hr foam

  • Aux. engine

    Caterpillar, type C4.4

  • Output

    107 kVA, 230/400 V, 50 Hz

  • Tank capacities

    fuel oil

    74.5 m3

    fresh water

    15.2 m3


    6.6 m3

    lub oil

    9.0 m3

    dirty oil

    3.1 m3


    2.2 m3


    3.1 m3


    5.1 m3


    6.4 m3

  • Accommodation

    For 7 persons, insulated and finished with durable modern linings, acoustical ceiling in the wheelhouse, floating floors and air-conditioned. Captain’s cabin, chief engineer’s cabin, 2 double crew cabins, 1 single crew cabin, galley, mess/dayroom, dry store and sanitary facilities.

  • Nav./comm. equipment

    According to GMDSS A2.

  • Class

    Lloyd’s Register ✠100 A1 Escort Tug [✠] LMC UMS IWS

  • Position


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