27 September 2019

We have recently taken delivery of a new Damen ASD 2811 named Pioneer. This tug has a green label due to her Tier III exhaust system, producing 60 tons bollard pull ahead.

Over the years, Damen has built hundreds of these type of tugs, which are operating worldwide to utmost satisfaction of users.

With her excellent seakeeping behaviour, superb manoeuvrability and outstanding towing characteristics she is a great addition to our fleet including ASD tugboats, Shoalbusters, Multicats, Crewboats, Pontoons and Dredging equipment.

The main purpose is to introduce the first ASD 2811 Tier III exhaust system in combination with Caterpillar C3512 engines. The ASD tug will be employed as a frontrunner for newbuilding vessels and for relatively short-term charters.

At this moment, she is on her way from Vietnam to Rotterdam. During this voyage there will be some stop-overs, to give local customers a chance to visit the vessel to experience the excellent operational capabilities. The next stop will be Piraeus, Greece, if you wish to learn more about the possibilities to visit, send us your request by e-mail.

She is direct available for charter, hire-to-purchase and outright purchase.

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