12 April 2016

To support its ongoing dredging activities, Van Oord has commenced a charter agreement with Damen Marine Services for a Modular Multi Cat (MMuC) 2210. Damen completed construction under a short timescale, delivering the vessel just four months after contract signing.

A fast delivery was imperative says Damen Marine Services Managing Director Rik van Prooijen: “The northern part of the Caspian Sea freezes over in the winter months. So it was vital to get this vessel delivered by March – the start of the operational season there.”

The newly built vessel is the first fully classified Damen MMuC to enter service, making Damen Marine Services the launching customer. The vessel’s modular design means that transportation to its destination is a relatively straightforward affair. “The Telesto and all its components are completely containerized,” informs Damen Design and Proposal Engineer Freek Haagmans. ”We can load the whole lot onto trucks and drive it to Kazakhstan in about 12 days. The sea route, on the other hand, would take about 6 weeks for such a vessel.”

“For operations in this part of the Caspian Sea, it is crucial to have a vessel with a shallow draught,” Mr Haagmans continues. “With a draught of less than one meter, the MMuC 2210 certainly meets that condition.”

Telesto is equipped with a 60 tonne-metre crane and a 30-tonne winch, providing valuable dredge support and anchor handling capacity.


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