17 October 2010

In Norrkoping we are working with the DMS Crow and DMS Pelican for Van Oord.

The project is divided in two activities: one is blasting of the to be dredged area and afterwards dredging the blasted area.

The blasting is done by a so-called blasting pontoon with six drilling tables on board. They drill between 80 and 120 holes, fill them with dynamite, one big blow and the bottom is changed from hard concrete to stones of 20x20x20.

Close to the quay they drill only 8 till 16 holes because of the risk of damaging the Quay, the idea is to enlarge and deepening the harbor and not to blow it up.

Above an overview of the blast and dredge area, arrow down is to the old river type harbor, long narrow and one swinging area.

The area, which is under reconstruction, now is to serve bigger container and general cargo vessels.
photo by Jan Eijdenberg


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