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DAMEN Shoalbuster 3511 'DMS Stork'

Status available for charter

Length 35.25

Bollard Pull 70

Horse Power 5150

Crane Heila 170-4S-L

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DAMEN Stan Pontoon 6020 'Damen Barge 101'

Status available for charter

Length 60

Deadweight 2800

Draft 3.2

Class Lloyd’s Register ✠100 AT Pontoon IWS for non-propelled and unmanned vessels

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Damen Marine Services offers Multi Cat workboat with optimum deck space in relation to its deck equipment, for charter in coastal and deep waters.

DAMEN Multi Cat 2409 'DMS Weaver'

Status available for charter

Length 23.33

Bollard Pull 23

Horse Power 1696

Crane Heila HLRM 140-4S & Heila HLRM 25–4S

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Damen Marine Services B.V. gives you the opportunity to charter vessels from their own fleet and new Damen standardized vessels from stock.

Generally vessels are being chartered with crew however in some cases a bare boat charter can be considered.

Chartering – Purchase options


Our position is a flexible one. Owning a ship or chartering a ship have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both options can be discussed with Damen Marine Services. In cooperation with the new building division of Damen Shipyards we can see if chartering, as a fore runner, can be used before the purchase of a ship. Temporary utilization of a ship can be discussed as well as long term contracts, all given by circumstance.

Outright purchase

Chartering under positive financial arrangements while your vessel is being built


If any of our vessels are to your liking, an outright purchase can be discussed. The availability of vessels in our present fleet goes without saying. Being part of the Damen shipyards Group the availability of new built stock vessels as well as presently operational vessels is the philosophy.

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